Cool Roof

How Cool Is That?

The Cool Roof System is an environmentally safe roofing and waterproofing system that is especially formulated to maintain and control temperature throughout buildings & homes by permanently waterproofing the roofing structure. The Cool Roof System is:

• Energy Star Approved
• Environmentally Safe
• NSF Approved
• Renewable Warranty Equipped (CA Title 24)
• A Sustainable System

Advantages & Benefits:
• Combination of High Albedo & Emissivity reduces heat and lowers energy costs
• Sustainable roofing system that saves expensive removal and disposal costs
• Ultraviolet and Infrared resistant for added durability
• Resistant to acid rain and chemical pollutants to protect roof from damage
• Won't spread flame over non-combustible surfaces
• Excellent adhesion holds substrate in place even in hurricane force winds
• Wide range of colors provides beautiful architectural finish
• California Energy Commission, Factory Mutual, and Dade County approved Meets V.O.C. emissions regulations

What Makes Cool Roof Systems So Cool

The sustainable coating material and waterproofing system is one of the highest quality roofing materials. It is recognized by Factory Mutual as a Class One roofing system as both a stand-alone roof system and as a recover system over a variety of substrates. It is made of advanced materials to form a flexible, U. V. resistant elastomeric compound and is fully reinforced with a tough non-woven polyester mesh that has been designed for roofing and flashing applications of all types.

The unique coating compound that is used in these systems has been tested and greatly exceeds the requirements of the Department of Energy for a Cool Roof System. Over the past decade, the Department of Energy has conducted extensive research on the advantages of cool roof systems and positively concluded that by using a cool roof system, you can:

• Reduce Cooling Energy Costs by 20% to 70%
• Extend Equipment Life
• Reduce Air Pollution
• Reduce the need for Re-roofing

This chemical compound is effective because:

• High Albedo reflects or scatters over 78% of the amount of sunlight energy that is radiated on it. The DOE considers that anything over 50% meets the highest industry standard
• Emissivity radiates over 90% of its stored heat energy away from itself - equally important for having a cool roof

Cool Roof Solutions in the Field

This 30KW solar power system was installed on a flat 20k sq ft bldg. Most of the electrical bill was eliminated by the solar power energy system. With the cool roof applied and the solar power modules shading most of the roof, the AC bill was cut in half, eliminating the entire electrical bill. The coating compound is easy to apply and safe to work with. Properly installed, the system includes a 10-year warranty in specific roofing applications that can be extended every 10 years under a proper maintenance schedule.

Cool Roof System Comparison

Cool Roof Systems can save you money on your energy bills and can extend the life of your roof. For instance, a typical hot roof in the summer time can reach temperatures that exceed 180 Degrees Fahrenheit! But if you have a Cool Roof System, your energy bills will decrease because you will need to use your cooling systems much less (air conditioning).

Example Below:
The actual temperature of the roof at the time of inspection was 178 Degrees Fahrenheit. The installation of the Cool Roof System Coating indicates that the temperature of the completed Cool Roof is 85 Degrees cooler!

Standard Roof Coating Colors